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Local 58 is a fictional TV station and the 'broadcaster' responsible for the presentation of the LOCAL58 series of videos. Originally founded in 1939[1] and whose broadcasts began in 1938 in Mason County, West Virginia, USA,[2] the station serves the fictional towns Edenvale, Lasker City, and Ichor Falls.

Previous Logo

This is a cue card at 1:30 in the black screen before all of the logos.


Local 58's logo during 1966-1978.

During the 1960s, under the Lyndon Johnson administration, a nationwide government-issued message was made in the case of the United States surrendering to an enemy force (Apparently the Soviet Union due to the dates of 1970 and 1975 which at that time was the Cold War). Somewhere during that time period, Local 58 was hijacked at the end of its broadcast day by an unknown intruder, who aired that message in the middle of the night.

Local 58's logo during 1978-1988.

Some time later, between the dates of 1978 to 1988, the station aired its Show For Children slot which featured the Thimble Pictures cartoon character Cadavre attempting to find his spouse in an animated adventure, only to result in his death.

On November 21, 2014, the station was hijacked and played dash cam footage of a vehicle driving at night that followed increasingly erratic instructions from the satellite navigation system.

At an unknown time period (possibly on November 1, 2017), the station aired an Emergency Alert System message where the county instructed viewers to avoid looking at a meteorological event. The broadcast would subsequently be hijacked to encourage the opposite.

Local 58 also broadcast a VHS tape recording belonging to a Philip Gerhardt, intended to be used as a sleeping aid through the inducing of a dreamless state of sleep.

In the 1990s (Possibly 1994 to 2002), the station aired their Skywatching slot, which ended up being hijacked and replaced with a different Skywatching tape, which had the recorder point out several constellations until he points out the moon, labelled as His Throne, and zooms in to find that the moon isn't normal, however, it is too late for him and he bows down to the moon and the recording goes back to the original Skywatching, which had ended.

On July 13, 2021, Local 58 changed to digital broadcasting according to FCG regulations starting at midnight, only after the change was completed, certain strange interferences would pass and then end with a warning.


For many months, people have made theories of what all of the Local 58 videos mean. A YouTuber named Nexpo made 2 theories in his What is Local58? video. One theory suggests that the events that occur in the Local 58 verse are all part of a massive alien invasion. Nexpo states that the creature that appears in the Local 58 video You Are On the Fastest Available Route is an Alien that barely starts the first phases of the alien invasion by hijacking a person's navigation system and lures them into an isolated location, only to kill the driver of the vehicle. Nexpo's other theory states that Local 58 is responsible for all of the hijackings in the series. Nexpo states that Local 58 is letting these hijacks happen only to scare people and make them think that something bad is happening. Other theories state that the moon is an Eldritch Abomination, and is not really a round rock in space.

MatPat from the YouTube channel Film Theory made an episode about Local 58.. In his video he theorizes that Aliens are getting involved with Local 58, trying to take over the Earth. He brings up 3 points, "1. What are those aliens doing? 2. What do they want? 3. Why are they Interfering with Local Broadcast Networks?" The reason he theorized that Aliens are involved is because the Local 58 Channel transmits at 476 Mhz, and a group of radio telescopes in British Columbia have picked up numerous radio signals that last a few milliseconds that are around the 400 - 500 MHz Range. MatPat theorized that the Aliens are trying to take over the Earth by killing off the Human Population. He backs the theory by showing the video Contingency, which claims that the US has lost a war and needs everyone who sees the instructions to kill themselves to "Maintain American Dignity", and asking people to take the Victory Position Which requires them to go to the front lawn, lay down face up, and put feet together.

Wendigoon had a theory saying that the creature (seen in the second grave in the episode A show for children and in the moon in Skywatching,) or the moon is the creature controlling the weird events happening throughout the series.

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  • Local 58 is the creation of Kris Straub, a webcartoonist and filmmaker responsible for the creation of other series such as Checkerboard Nightmare, Candle Cove and Broodhollow.
  • Many consider the Local 58 series as the "start of Analog Horror" on youtube by inspiring many other "mini-series" revolving the genre itself (mainly the Channel 7 series created by Aidan Chick)


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